• Return / Enter
  • Artist:
    Sinta Werner
  • Material:
    Ceramic tiles
  • Year:
  • Price:
    9.700 €

Two-piece wall work made of ceramic tiles
Return: 3,92 x 0,9 x 0,48 m
Enter: 3,6 x 0,9 x 0,48 m
Available as one or as two separate objects

Part of the exhibition >MEDIAL ENTKLEIDET<

For KUNST-STATION (at Wolfsburg main station), the artist creates a wall work with ceramic tiles. On each side of the recreation area the terms Return and Enter are found in pixelated tile aesthetics. The term pair Return / Enter is known from the computer keyboard on the one hand, but can also be read synonymously for the process of traveling: returning to a place, entering another place.

Source: http://www.sintawerner.net/return-enter-2019/