• Filmriss
  • Artist:
    Sinta Werner
  • Material:
    Pigment prints
  • Year:
  • Price:
    on request

Collage made from Archival Pigment Prints
Frame: 102,2 x 37,5 x 3,5 cm

Part of the exhibition >MEDIAL ENTKLEIDET<

The paper work ‘Filmriss’ shows a flowing course from the depiction of a coastal panorama to an abstract fold. The panorama picture is composed of four individual images that were taken from the passing boat. The temporality of sliding past is captured by the sequences of folding that compress the picture horizontally. The folding method is derived from bellows, as known from old camera models. The play with light and shadow is reminiscent of the flickering after a film is torn. A memory gap is also referred to as a film tear. By photographing the folds with increasing shading and folding again, the real space is written into the image until the image is overwritten as if it were a feedback. It is a confused game of dissolving space, image and memory – similar to a dream or a broken dream sequence – a transit space between fiction and reality, between image and folded paper.