• Untitled (Composition 21/23)
  • Artist:
    Menno Aden
  • Material:
    inkjet, Fine Art paper
  • Year:
  • Price:
    per request

30 x 30 cm

Part of the exhibition >HOME/GUEST<

What looks like constructivist painting or colour compositions of the Hard Edge turns out, on closer inspection, to be vertically photographed sections of gymnasium floors. The patterns appear to have been composed from various playing field markings. Only in some pictures the pattern is covered by a torn piece of footfall sound insulation. The footfall sound insulation, which until recently still lay over the entire playing field – when up to 300 refugees found a shelter here.

Aden’s photo series begins where the traces of the so-called refugee crisis are removed. It shows the reopened playing fields with their different game systems, which exist side by side without touching each other and which are shifted against each other by round bottom covers in playful carelessness – as if they were metaphors of the human cohabitation.