• Exhibition trailer >Home/Guest<
  • Artist:
    Menno Aden
  • Material:
    Series >Room Portraits< and >Composition<
  • Year:
    Jan 2021

We brought the exhibition >HOME/GUEST< completely into the shop window – until January 24th.

Instead of visiting the gallery, the film tells of the creation of the exhibition, Menno Aden presents his pictures on a short tour and Eric Esser, director of the film “The Angel of History”, describes what is home for him. Kristine Walther (reading) and Susie Asado (music) can be seen and heard in excerpts from the opening performance. <HOME / GUEST< opened with a live performance by Susie Asado (music) and Kristine Walther (recitation) with texts by Eric Esser, PeterLicht, Bernhard Schlink and Bernard Pomerance and can be seen on Facebook: fb.watch.