Martina Schumacher

In her work, Martina Schumacher is looking for a painting that reflects light and for colored transparency in the spatial context. Schumacher shows a painting that thinks about itself, that displays its foundations and principles, a conceptual examination of media specifics such as color itself. This practice is explored in experiment. Schumacher’s painterly works are lucid and precise. She creates concentration pieces and this expresses her specific, highly aesthetic approach.

Martina Schumacher (* 1972) studied painting at the UdK Berlin under Georg Baselitz and at the Royal College of Art in London. She has participated in numerous exhibitions, including Museum Ritter, Art Museum Bochum, Märkisches Museum Witten, Art Association Arnsberg, Wilhelm Hack Museum. The artist’s work is represented in public and private collections, such as the Museum Ritter Collection, the Richard J. Massey Foundation in New York and MONA in Tasmania.