Anna Lena Straube

Anna Lena Straube’s painting leads right into the network of pictorial worlds. What she pulls out there are scenes of youth and femininity that seem like archetypes of hope. But instead of indulging in the beautiful glow, the artist raptures her figures in grisaille and gloom, exposing them in inhospitable torn terrain. This painting kindles tensions that sow doubt. Fear undermines hope, nightmare shatters dream. And the looks of the viewer, driven by exciting beauty, are part of the process in which images and life and vice versa, life and images inspire each other. (Dorothée Bauerle-Willert, 2019)

Anna Lena Straube, born in Bremen, lives and works in Berlin, Germany. She’s presented by the galleries Bengelsträter, Düsseldorf/Germany, und Caldwell Snyder, San Francisco/USA.