A look into a home and no feeling of home will arise. Markings in a gym that lose all playfulness and become borders and abysses. By choosing perspective and context, Menno Aden shifts, provokes and challenges our understanding of home and home in the simultaneity of #stayhome and #leavenoonebehind. The short documentary film “The Angel of History” by Eric Esser, which received numerous awards at international festivals in 2020, is part of the exhibition. He negotiates the subject of the inner and outer borders of Europe using the example of the French city of Port Bou. The exhibition ran from November 29th. until January 24th, 2021. (Exhibition list)

<HOME / GUEST <opened with a live performance by Susie Asado (sings and plays) and Kristine Walther (recited) with texts by Eric Esser, PeterLicht, Bernhard Schlink and Bernard Pomerance. The exhibition film presents the origins, ideas and backgrounds and excerpts from the vernissage. The complete livestream for the vernissage can be seen on Facebook.